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Weisshorn Self Inflating Mattress Camping Sleeping Mat Air Bed Pad Double Green

Weisshorn Self Inflating Mattress Camping Sleeping Mat Air Bed Pad Double Green

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Discover Ultimate Comfort in the Great Outdoors with Weisshorn Double Self-Inflating Camping Mat

Ideal for a Comfortable and Restful Sleep on Camping Trips

A good sleeping surface is essential for any camper who wants to enjoy their time in the great outdoors. The Weisshorn Double Self-inflating Mat provides a comfortable resting place, making your camping experience more enjoyable and restful.

Quick and Easy Self-Inflation

This water-resistant mat self-inflates through built-in valves in just 60 seconds, providing a smooth sleeping surface on various terrains almost instantly. Made from high-density 2.5cm thick polyurethane foam, the mat has an anti-slip polyester pongee bottom, ensuring you lie on a smooth, comfortable surface that doesn't slip or move while you sleep or shift around.

Expandable Resting Surface

Easily connect two mats via the built-in buttons for a larger sleeping area. In fact, you can extend the mat multiple times using this simple and convenient process. When it's time to pack up, simply roll up the deflated mat and store it in the carry bag for easy transportation to your next destination.

Embrace the wilderness with the assurance of comfort on any terrain with the Weisshorn Double Self-inflating Mat.


  • Soft taffeta polyester; silky & smooth surface
  • Durable and water-resistant
  • 2.5cm thick polyurethane foam
  • Efficient self-inflating valve
  • Joinable mat
  • Easily roll up mat for easy transportation and storage
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Extra large sleeping surface
  • Ideal for year-round camping


Feature Details
Brand Weisshorn
Material Polyurethane foam with PVC coating
Inflation time 60 seconds
Colour Green
Size 190cm x 128cm x 2.5cm
Weight 2.5kg
Packages 2

Package Content

2 x Weisshorn Self Inflating Mat 2 x Carry bag

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