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Weisshorn Portable Camping Wash Basin 19L

Weisshorn Portable Camping Wash Basin 19L

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Portable Handwash Stand: Essential Hygiene Solution for Camping and Events

Stay Clean and Hygienic Anywhere You Go

Whether it's for leisure or commercial use, washing hands is vital. Our Portable Handwash Stand is perfect for outdoor adventures, camping trips, or commercial events. This handwash stand is designed to make your camping life more enjoyable and ensure good hygiene in any setting.

Portable, Hands-Free, and Easy to Use

Featuring built-in wheels for easy transportation, this portable handwash stand is suitable for multiple locations and settings. The hands-free faucet uses a foot-operated pump to provide a stream of water, making it convenient and hygienic. The stand includes a towel rack and soap holder, adding luxury to your camping experience or event.

Simple Set-Up and Operation

Setting up the Portable Handwash Stand is extremely easy. For commercial use or outdoor adventures, just fill the water tank, give it a few foot pumps, and the water will start flowing. This simple design ensures you maintain a healthy level of hygiene, no matter where you are.


Feature Details
Water tank capacity 19L
Basin capacity 3.5L
Overall dimensions 81cm x 50cm x 35.5cm
Colour Grey
Assembly required Yes
Number of packages 1

Package Contents

1 x Portable Handwash Stand

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