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Weisshorn 40L Portable Wheel Water Tanks Tank Camping Hiking Caravan Storage

Weisshorn 40L Portable Wheel Water Tanks Tank Camping Hiking Caravan Storage

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40L Portable Wheel Water Tank: Your Ultimate Camping and Adventure Water Solution

Enjoy Easy Access to Fresh Water on Your Outdoor Trips

Introducing the 40L Portable Wheel Water Tank, designed to simplify carrying and storing fresh water on your camping and RV trips. Featuring a high-density polyethylene construction with an anti-scratch matte finish, this water tank is not only durable but also protected against harsh scrubbings.

With its large 40L water capacity, this wheel water tank is perfect for all your outdoor adventures. Say goodbye to heavy lifting, as the tank is equipped with wheels for effortless transportation.


  • 40L water capacity to cater to your outdoor water needs
  • Durable material with smart design for long-lasting use
  • Fully self-contained for easy operation
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Equipped with wheels for hassle-free transportation
  • Comes with a flexible pipe and faucet for convenient water access
  • Perfect for camping and RV trips


Attribute Details
Material Polyethylene
Capacity 40L
Pipe extension 32 to 89cm
Outlet size 44mm, 85mm, 130mm
Colour Blue
Size 37x23x78cm

Package Contents

1 x 40L Portable Wheel Water Tank

Choose the 40L Portable Wheel Water Tank for your next adventure, and enjoy the convenience, durability, and ease of use it offers. With its wheeled design, transporting water has never been easier. Enhance your outdoor experience with this fantastic water tank, your ideal adventure buddy.

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