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SPORTACE Bike Plane Bag Portable Soft Shell Travel Case Mountain Hybrid BMX Road Bike - 120CM X 75CM BK11- Black

SPORTACE Bike Plane Bag Portable Soft Shell Travel Case Mountain Hybrid BMX Road Bike - 120CM X 75CM BK11- Black

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Travel and Adventure-Ready Bike Carrier Bag

Protect and Transport Your Bike with Ease on Your Next Adventure

Introducing our lightweight Bike Carrier Bag, measuring 120 x 26 x 75cm and designed to make transporting your bicycle on road trips, train journeys, and boat excursions a breeze. With a compact storage bag (44 x 16 x 37cm) and a net weight of just 3.5kg, this multi-use transport bag is perfect for any traveler with a cycle. Please note that this bag is not recommended for air travel.

Our bike carrier bag features a strong zipper and strap loop design to ensure long-lasting durability and reliable protection for your bike. The strap loops allow you to secure the bag firmly using luggage belts, providing additional peace of mind while on the move.

Designed with convenience in mind, the bag includes generous inner pockets on either side to accommodate each bike wheel while the frame rests comfortably in the middle. These pockets also offer ample storage for small items, tools, and bike locks.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Multi-Use Bike Transport Bag: Portable storage for most sizes and kinds of bicycles
  • Strong Zipper & Strap Loop Design: Offers enhanced durability and secure fastening
  • Inner Pockets: Provides ample storage for bike wheels, small items, and tools
  • Lightweight: Easy to carry and transport, weighing only 3.5kg
  • Reflective Trim: Enhances visibility for added safety
  • Removable Shoulder Strap: Offers convenient carrying options
  • 10# Zipper Puller with Lock: Provides additional security for the main compartment
  • Webbing Fastening Straps: Keeps bike securely in position during transport
  • Internal Pockets for Small Item Storage: Keeps essentials organized and accessible
  • Thicker and Better Material: Ensures enhanced protection for your bike
  • Suitable for Most Road and Mountain Models: Offers versatility for a wide range of cyclists

Take your bike on your next travel, camping, or adventure trip with confidence, knowing that our Bike Carrier Bag will provide the protection and convenience you need.

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