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Smart Battery Charger 3.5A 12V 6V Automatic SLA AGM Car Truck Boat Motorcycle Caravan

Smart Battery Charger 3.5A 12V 6V Automatic SLA AGM Car Truck Boat Motorcycle Caravan

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CT-3800: Compact and Portable 3.5A Battery Charger for Travel, Camping, and Adventure

Stay Prepared for Unforeseen Battery Emergencies with the High-Performance CT-3800

A flat battery can leave you stranded and frustrated, especially when you're traveling, camping, or adventuring outdoors. The CT-3800 is a powerful 3.5A Battery Charger designed to help you stay prepared for such scenarios. Compatible with all 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries and 12V lithium-ion batteries, including WET/MF/EFB/GEL/LIB/AGM types, this fully automatic charger is easy to connect and use, making it an essential addition to your travel kit.

Featuring an internal intelligent microprocessor, the CT-3800 provides fast, efficient, and safe charging. With its inbuilt 6-way protection, you can confidently charge your batteries without worrying about sparks, reverse polarity, short circuits, overcurrent, overcharging, or overheating. The charger offers eight charging modes to suit your requirements and even includes a REPAIR mode for reviving old, idle, stratified, or sulphated lead-acid batteries.

Lightweight and portable, the CT-3800 is equally useful on the road as it is in your workshop, garage, or shed. Don't let a flat battery ruin your adventure – power up with our CT-3800 battery charger.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for 6V/12V lead-acid batteries and 12V lithium-ion batteries
  • Intelligent Microprocessor: Ensures faster, easier, and safer charging
  • 6-Way Protection: Safeguards against sparks, reverse polarity, short circuits, overcurrent, overcharge, and overheating
  • 8 Charging Modes: Including Standby, 12V NORM, 12V COLD/AGM, 12V SMALL NORM, 12V SMALL COLD/AGM, 6V NORM, 6V LITHIUM-ION, and REPAIR
  • REPAIR Mode: Ideal for repairing old, idle, stratified, or sulphated batteries (LEAD-ACID batteries only)
  • 8 Fully Automatic Charging Steps: Delivers efficient and effective battery charging
  • Detailed Error Lights & Battery Level Indicator: Provides clear and easy-to-understand information
  • Portable and Lightweight: Perfect for travel, camping, and outdoor adventures
  • Tough and Robust Design: Built to withstand challenging environments
  • SAA & CE Approved: Ensures quality and safety


Specification Details
Model CT-3800
AC Input 220V-240V, 50Hz-60Hz, 0.8A, 60W max
DC Output 6V, 3.5A; 12V, 3.5A/1A
Ambient Temperature 0℃-40℃
Charger Type 8 steps, fully automatic charging cycle
Battery Compatibility 6V & 12V lead-acid and 12V lithium-ion batteries
Battery Capacity 2Ah-120Ah (6V), 2Ah-120Ah (12V), Maintains All Battery Sizes
Cold/AGM Mode YES
Housing Protection IP54

Package Contents

1 x 3.5A Battery Charger 1 x User Manual

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