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Rhino Rescue® - First Aid Survival Kit

Rhino Rescue® - First Aid Survival Kit

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RHINO RESCUE Tactical Trauma Kit: Outdoor Survival IFAK for Camping, Hiking, and More

Take control in emergencies with the RHINO RESCUE Tactical Trauma Kit, meticulously designed to address critical medical needs in the field, whether you're a first responder, outdoor enthusiast, or just preparing for unexpected situations.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Kit: A must-have kit for first responders, military, outdoor adventurers, and more. Prepared to address emergency situations during outdoor adventures, hunting, camping, travel, disaster, and accidents.
  • Quality Equipment: Includes RHINO RESCUE Aluminum Tourniquet and RHINO RESCUE Israeli Bandage, with design and functionality optimized for effectiveness and ease of use.

What's Included

    1. RHINO RESCUE Aluminum Tourniquet

      • 100% effective
      • One-hand operation
      • Aluminum rod
      • Built-in pen
      • Reinforced plastic buckle
      • V-shaped clip for faster windlass lock
    2. RHINO RESCUE Israeli Bandage

      • All-in-one design for easy application
      • Sterile dressing
      • Elastic wrap
      • Closure bar
      • Pressure applicator
    3. Multiple kits available (17PC-B, 17PC-C, 10PC, 7PC) to suit different needs, including:

      • Chest seals
      • Compression gauze
      • Emergency bandages
      • Tourniquets
      • Eye shields
      • Combat cravat
      • Gloves
      • And more

Delivery Notice

We strive to deliver your Rhino Rescue Trauma Shears in the best condition possible. Please note, due to this commitment, shipping can take up to 15 days. We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience.

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