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Rhino Rescue® - Tactical EDC Pen

Rhino Rescue® - Tactical EDC Pen

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Your Adventure-Ready Companion: RHINO RESCUE Tactical Pen

Your Trustworthy Outdoor Gear

The RHINO RESCUE Tactical Pen is a must-have tool designed for trekkers, hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Engineered as an essential military EDC (Every Day Carry) pen, it's a reliable gear item built for life on the move.

Long-Lasting Impressions

The tactical pen offers the ability to make your mark on a diverse range of surfaces, such as paper, plastic, and metal, using its proudly permanent ink. Document your journey or leave a trail, knowing the markings will resist the test of time and elements.

Bold and Vibrant Colours

The RHINO RESCUE Tactical Pen produces intensely brilliant colours, adding eye-catching details to your notes, maps, or even emergency signs. Its vibrant ink ensures easy visibility and readability.

Resilient and Quick-Drying Ink

With quick-drying, resilient ink that resists fading and water damage, the tactical pen is your ideal companion for adventures in varying weather and terrain conditions. Your marks stay visible no matter the circumstances, providing assurance in unpredictable outdoor environments.

Fine Tip for Detailed Marks

Featuring a versatile fine tip, the RHINO RESCUE Tactical Pen allows for impressively bold and detailed marks. From noting trails on maps to jotting down crucial details, this pen guarantees crisp and clear writing every time.

Delivery Notice: To ensure the highest quality of our product, we carefully pack and ship each item. This may extend the delivery time up to 15 days. We appreciate your understanding and patience. Take the RHINO RESCUE Tactical Pen with you on your next adventure—it's not just a writing tool, it's an outdoor essential!

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