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Rhino Rescue® Pneumothorax Needle - 50G Decompression Needle

Rhino Rescue® Pneumothorax Needle - 50G Decompression Needle

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Rhino Rescue Pneumothorax Needle: Trauma Medical IFAK Chest Catheter - 50G Needle Decompression Kit

Specially designed to manage critical chest injuries, the Rhino Rescue Pneumothorax Needle is a critical addition to your trauma medical kit. Suitable for trained professionals dealing with life-threatening emergencies.

Key Features

  • Purposeful Design: Specifically constructed to treat tension pneumothorax, the primary cause of preventable death on the battlefield.
  • Effective Decompression: The 50G Needle Decompression Kit aids in releasing pressure from the pleural space, quickly restoring normal respiration.
  • Field-Proven Reliability: Relied on by combat medics and tactical professionals across various intense conditions.
  • Portable: An essential, compact addition to your IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) or any medical emergency kit.
  • Quality Material: Made from medical-grade material to ensure safe and effective performance during emergencies.

Included in the Kit

  • Rhino Rescue Pneumothorax Needle: Designed for easy handling and secure application during high-stress situations.

Ideal for use in pre-hospital emergency situations by trained professionals, the Rhino Rescue Pneumothorax Needle is an essential tool for immediate response to critical chest injuries.

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