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Rhino Rescue® Military Tourniquet

Rhino Rescue® Military Tourniquet

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RHINO RESCUE One-Handed Tourniquet: Life-saving, Durable, & Multipurpose Use

Introducing the RHINO RESCUE One-Handed Tourniquet. An essential emergency tool for controlling life-threatening bleeding, our tourniquet is designed for rapid, effective, and easy use. It's a reliable addition to any medical kit.

Key Features

  • One-Handed Tourniquet: The single route buckle design enables efficient solo operation. This can be a lifesaver when you're alone with a severe bleeding injury.
  • V-Shaped Windlass Clip: The V-Shape makes the windlass easier and faster to lock than a parallel clip, reducing the difficulty and time required for a successful rescue.
  • Reinforced Windlass: Constructed with a durable material that won't bend or break under pressure. The anti-slip design enhances grip, making it more comfortable and secure to use.
  • 100% Effective: Our tourniquet is proven to be 100% effective in blocking blood flow, quickly controlling life-threatening bleeding. Save time, save lives.
  • Multipurpose Use: Whether you're in the military, dealing with an artery bleed, or an outdoor exploration enthusiast, the adjustable RHINO tourniquet is ready to help in any situation.

What's Included

  • RHINO RESCUE One-Handed Tourniquet: A rapid, effective, and easy-to-use tool for controlling life-threatening bleeding.


Our One-Handed Tourniquet is suited for:

  • Emergency First Aid Kits
  • Field Medics & First Responders
  • Military Personnel
  • Outdoor Adventurers

Delivery Notice

To ensure the best condition of our products, the shipping process can take up to 15 days. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Equip yourself with the RHINO RESCUE One-Handed Tourniquet. Your safety and survival are our priorities. Add to cart today.

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