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Rhino Rescue® Military IFAK Pouch - EDC Trauma Kit

Rhino Rescue® Military IFAK Pouch - EDC Trauma Kit

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Rhino Rescue®  EDC Trauma Kit

Your Essential Companion for Emergencies

Be prepared for any emergency with the Rhino Rescue EDC Trauma Kit. Designed with the most critical trauma medical equipment and tools, this kit is easily accessible and concealable, providing a practical solution for all-day wear.

Key Features

Trauma Essentials Tourniquets, emergency bandage, compressed gauze, nitrile gloves, bandage scissors and pen
Tactical Belt Pouch Equipped with a MOLLE system for easy attachment to the belt
Premium & Reliable Durable, well-designed IFAK bag packed with popular and highly-regarded first aid supplies

Package Contents

  • 1 x Bag
  • 1 x Emergency Bandage
  • 1 x Tape
  • 1 x Scissor
  • 1 x Chest seal
  • 1 x Compressed Guaze
  • 1 x Tourniquet(Plastic Windlass)
  • 1 x Marker
  • 1 x Elastic bandage

Designed for Everyday Carry

Compact and lightweight, the Rhino Rescue EDC Trauma Kit is perfect for law enforcement officers and self-sufficient individuals. With this EDC bag, you have the essentials within reach whenever emergencies strike.

Quality You Can Trust

The Rhino Rescue brand is synonymous with safe, reliable, and responsible first aid products. We take pride in offering high-quality supplies that our customers trust and recognize.

Shipping Information

We have warehouses in Europe, North America, and China, and we utilize international logistics like DHL, GLS, and UPS to ensure fast and safe delivery of your Rhino Rescue EDC Trauma Kit. Expect a delivery time of about 15 days. We appreciate your patience and assure you that our products are worth the wait. We aim to deliver your essential emergency companion as quickly as possible to ensure you're always prepared for any situation.

About Rhino Rescue

With a focus on practicality, safety, and reliability, Rhino Rescue has become a popular choice for personal and professional emergency preparedness. Our products are designed with our users in mind, ensuring they are equipped with the best possible tools when it matters most.

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