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Rhino Rescue® Duct Tape - Waterproof, No Residue, Hand-Tearable

Rhino Rescue® Duct Tape - Waterproof, No Residue, Hand-Tearable

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Rhino Rescue® Duct Tape - Waterproof, Grey, Silver 5cm x 2.5m - Ideal for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Discover the exceptional strength and versatility of Rhino Rescue® Duct Tape. This all-weather, grey duct tape is your go-to solution for sealing, waterproofing, and handling emergency repairs with ease.

Waterproof and Residue-Free Rhino Rescue®'s waterproof, grey duct tape is perfect for a variety of tasks including sealing, waterproofing, winterising your home, and hanging plastic sheeting. The natural adhesive formulation ensures that it leaves no residue, maintaining cleanliness and simplicity in use.

Premium Quality, Heavy-Duty Tape Experience the robust capabilities of Rhino Rescue® Duct Tape:

  • Ultra-Strong Grip: Designed for tasks requiring maximum strength, our duct tape rolls ensure a firm hold for any project.
  • Tear by Hand Convenience: No need for scissors, as this tape is easily tearable by hand, adding to its convenience.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for mailing heavy cargo boxes, bundling items like wood planks for storage, and a variety of other heavy-duty tasks.

Product Features

  • Waterproof: Suited for diverse weather conditions.
  • No Residue: Natural adhesive for a clean removal.
  • Heavy-Duty Quality: Strong and durable for all uses.
  • Hand-Tearable: User-friendly design for quick application.
  • Multipurpose: Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Product Specifications

Attribute Detail
Material Heavy-Duty, Waterproof Tape
Colour Grey, Silver
Size 5cm x 2.5m
Application Indoor & Outdoor Use
Features Waterproof, No Residue, Tear by Hand


Shipping Information

Rhino Rescue® Duct Tape is produced with high-quality standards and attention to detail. Due to its popularity, we ask for up to 15 days for shipping. This timeframe ensures that your duct tape is delivered in perfect condition, ready to assist in all your repair and packaging tasks.

Trust Rhino Rescue® Duct Tape for Your Heavy-Duty Requirements

Rhino Rescue® Duct Tape is your reliable partner for home repairs, packaging, or emergency fixes. Choose Rhino Rescue® for a duct tape that seamlessly combines premium quality with practical functionality.

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