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Rhino Rescue® 210x160cm Emergency Survival Blanket

Rhino Rescue® 210x160cm Emergency Survival Blanket

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RHINO RESCUE Emergency Mylar Blanket

Brace yourself for any extreme adventure with the RHINO RESCUE Emergency Mylar Blanket. A truly indispensable element in any professional outdoor kit, this blanket is designed with a thin, heat-reflective plastic sheeting that effectively retains body heat. Perfectly suited for situations where space and weight are paramount, its compact size and low weight make it an easy carry-along for all outdoor exploits.

Product Features

Superior Heat Retention: Leveraging a design that reduces heat loss, the blanket retains up to 90% of the body's radiated heat, which would otherwise be lost through thermal radiation, evaporation, or convection.
Lightweight and Compact: The blanket's low weight and compact size make it an ideal fit in any first aid or camping kit, causing little to no burden to your overall carry.
Emergency Signal: The blanket's shiny surface can act as a beacon, flashing in the sun to alert rescuers or to signal over long distances.
Versatile Application: The RHINO RESCUE Emergency Blanket serves multiple purposes - a heat retainer, a distress signal, a weather blanket, and more.


    • Product Name: RHINO RESCUE Emergency Mylar Blanket
    • Material: Heat-reflective, thin, plastic sheeting
    • 210x160cm

    Shipping Information

    To ensure the premium condition of your RHINO RESCUE Emergency Mylar Blanket, shipping may take up to 15 days. We value your patience and understanding during this time. Once it reaches you, this emergency blanket will be a valuable addition to your survival gear.

    Equip yourself with a RHINO RESCUE Emergency Mylar Blanket, and be prepared to face any situation in your extreme adventures. These products are designed for use by trained professionals, underscoring our unwavering commitment to quality and effectiveness.

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