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Rhino Rescue® Tactical First Aid Survival Kit - IFAK Pouch with 20 EMT Items

Rhino Rescue® Tactical First Aid Survival Kit - IFAK Pouch with 20 EMT Items

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Rhino First Aid Survival Kit Tactical IFAK Pouch - Essential Safety Gear for Extreme Adventures

Venturing into the wilderness and facing the unpredictable requires more than bravery; it calls for preparation. Be ready to handle any emergency situation with our Rhino First Aid Survival Kit. This compact yet comprehensive kit includes 20 EMT-grade items designed for effective self-rescue and first aid in the most challenging environments.

Product Highlights

  1. Rhino Rescue Tourniquet: Our lifesaving device is crucial for quickly controlling excessive bleeding in high-stress situations.
  2. Rhino Rescue Israeli Bandage: An all-in-one bandage that combines a sterile dressing, an elastic wrap for pressure application, a closure bar for bandage fixation, and a pressure applicator for targeted wound care.
  3. Emergency Splint: To stabilize injuries and prevent further harm.
  4. Emergency Blanket: Retains body heat in harsh weather conditions and can serve as a signal for rescue personnel.
  5. Emergency Scissors: Useful for cutting clothing or bandages without injuring the skin.
  6. Disposable PVC Gloves: For clean and safe first aid administration.
  7. PBT Bandage: Soft and flexible bandages for wound dressing.
  8. Triangular Bandage: Versatile bandage that can be used as a sling, tourniquet, or for wrapping injuries.
  9. Medical Tape: Essential for securing bandages or dressings.
  10. Survival Whistle: Loud and clear whistle for attracting attention in rescue situations.
  11. CPR Face Shield: Provides protection while administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
  12. Marker: For writing down crucial information or marking locations.
  13. First Aid Manual: Comprehensive guide for dealing with common emergencies.
  14. TCCC CARD: Provides essential medical care instructions in case of trauma.

Shipping Details

As we strive to deliver our products in perfect condition, the shipping process can take up to 15 days. We assure you that your patience will be rewarded with the quality and usefulness of our Rhino First Aid Survival Kit Tactical IFAK Pouch. Be prepared, stay safe, and let your adventurous spirit soar!

Important Note: These products are designed for use by trained professionals only. Always get proper training before attempting to use these emergency medical devices.

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