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PNY (T2600) 2600mAh Universal Rechargeable Battery Bank

PNY (T2600) 2600mAh Universal Rechargeable Battery Bank

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PowerPack T2600: The Perfect Portable Power Bank for Your Outdoor Adventures

Travel Light and Stay Charged with this Compact and Efficient Power Bank

When you're exploring the great outdoors or embarking on a camping trip, having a reliable source of power for your devices is essential. The PowerPack T2600 is a sleek, slender, and lightweight power bank designed to keep your gadgets charged on the go. Featuring high-quality, non-recycled batteries and a built-in strap hole for easy carrying, this power bank is perfect for all your travel and adventure needs.

With 3 LED indicator lights that display the battery level status, you'll never have to worry about running out of power unexpectedly. The PowerPack T2600 is the ideal companion for any outdoor enthusiast who values convenience and reliability.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Compact and Lightweight Design: Measuring just 101.9mm x 24mm x 22.3mm (L x W x H) and weighing 64.2g, the PowerPack T2600 is easy to carry and won't weigh you down on your adventures
  • High-Quality Batteries: Equipped with a 3.7V@2600mAh Li-ion battery, this power bank offers reliable and efficient charging for your devices
  • Built-in Strap Hole: Attach the power bank to your backpack, belt, or other gear for easy access and convenience
  • LED Battery Level Indicator: Three LED lights display the battery level status, so you always know how much power you have left
  • USB Input and Output: The power bank features a USB input (DC 5V 1A) for recharging and a USB output (DC 5V 1A Max) for charging your devices

Stay Charged and Ready for Adventure

The PowerPack T2600 is an excellent addition to your camping, hiking, or travel gear. With its compact design, high-quality batteries, and convenient strap hole, this power bank is perfect for keeping your devices charged while you explore the great outdoors. Whether you're navigating trails or setting up camp, the PowerPack T2600 ensures you have the power you need to stay connected and enjoy your adventures.

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1 x PNY 2600mAh Battery Power Bank

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