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Outdoor Portable Camping Toilet 22L

Outdoor Portable Camping Toilet 22L

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Weisshon 22L Portable Camping Toilet: Comfort and Convenience for Your Outdoor Adventures

High-Quality, Easy-to-Use Portable Toilet for Camping, Picnics, Marine or Road Trips

Experience ultimate convenience and hygiene while camping or traveling with the Weisshon 22L Portable Camping Toilet. Designed to provide instant relief without any external water or power connections needed, this portable toilet is perfect for camping trips, picnics, marine journeys, and road trips. Its lightweight and sturdy construction ensures easy transportation, while the generous water reserves and powerful flushing system keep the toilet clean and fresh.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High-Quality Construction: Durable and sturdy design for long-lasting use
  • No External Connections Needed: Operates without water or power connections
  • Freshwater Flushing: 14L freshwater capacity for up to 80 flushes
  • Double-Sealed Drain Valve: Protects against leakages and odors
  • Detachable Holding Tank: 22L tank for easy disposal and cleaning
  • Corrosion-Resistant Latches: Heavy-duty side latches for secure locking
  • Matte Finish: Attractive and scratch-resistant appearance


Feature Description
Freshwater Capacity 14L
Waste Tank Capacity 22L
Maximum Weight Capacity 200kg
Dimensions 35cm x 42cm x 41cm
Colour Grey

Effortless Hygiene and Convenience

The Weisshon 22L Portable Camping Toilet features a high-density construction that makes it strong and durable. Its two-way flush system ensures total and complete flushing for a thoroughly cleaned toilet, while the double-sealed drain valve protects against leakages and odors. The 22L holding tank is detachable for easy disposal of contents and cleaning, and the corrosion-resistant side latches lock the tanks together securely.

Perfect for Any Outdoor Adventure

With no power or water source required, the Weisshon 22L Portable Camping Toilet is the ideal solution for all your outdoor excursions. Its attractive matte finish and scratch-resistant surface make it a stylish and practical addition to your camping gear. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of having a portable toilet by your side during your next adventure!

Package Content

1 x 22L Portable Toilet

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