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GIANTZ Battery Box 12V Camping Portable Deep Cycle AGM Universal Large USB Cig

GIANTZ Battery Box 12V Camping Portable Deep Cycle AGM Universal Large USB Cig

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Giantz Battery Box: Expand Your Power Options for Travel, Camping, and Adventure

Transform Your Deep Cycle Battery into a Versatile Power Station with This Durable and User-Friendly Battery Box

Unlock the full potential of your deep cycle battery with the Giantz Battery Box. Designed to accommodate any deep cycle battery measuring 39cm x 20.5cm x 24cm, this box turns your battery into a powerful and versatile station for a wide range of devices. Power up camping lights and portable fridges with the cigarette lighter socket, and charge mobile phones or tablets using the two USB ports. The box can be charged using solar panels or any power source via its quick-connect Anderson plugs. Pre-wired for your convenience, simply connect the deep cycle battery terminals, and you're good to go. The sturdy housing, built-in voltage indicator, and circuit breaker ensure safe and hassle-free use during your travels.

Please note: Check your deep cycle battery dimensions to ensure compatibility with the battery box. Deep cycle battery not included in this purchase. Check in-store listings for deep cycle batteries.

Key Features and Benefits

Feature/Specification Description
Protective and Portable Safely transport and protect your deep cycle battery
User-Friendly Hassle-free setup and operation
Digital Voltage Indicator Easily monitor your battery's voltage
10A Re-settable Circuit Breaker Provides added safety and protection
Two USB Ports Charge mobile phones and tablets
Cigarette Lighter Socket Power up camping lights and portable fridges
Anderson Plugs Quickly connect to solar panels or other power sources
Positive and Negative Terminals Secure and easy battery connections
Sturdy Housing Durable construction for long-lasting use
Heavy Duty Carry Handle Conveniently transport your battery box
Tie Down Strap Secure your battery during travel
Compatible with Giantz and Other Batteries Versatile use for various deep cycle batteries

Maximize your deep cycle battery's capabilities with the Giantz Battery Box. Its user-friendly design, built-in voltage indicator, and multiple charging options make it an invaluable companion for your travel, camping, and adventure needs.

Package Contents: 1 x Battery Box

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