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Devanti Outdoor Gas Hot Water Heater Portable Camping Shower 12V Pump Black

Devanti Outdoor Gas Hot Water Heater Portable Camping Shower 12V Pump Black

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Devanti Gas Water Heater: Instant Warm Water Shower Anywhere, Anytime

Enjoy Outdoor Showers with the Devanti Gas Water Heater and 12V Pressure Pump

Who doesn't like a just-right warm water shower anywhere, anytime? The Devanti Gas Water Heater is all you need for that instant shower gratification. Designed for outdoor use and easy to install, this portable water heater is perfect for camping trips, washing dishes, or even cleaning your pets.

Key Features and Benefits

Feature/Specification Description
Brand Devanti
Colour Black
Gas Consumption 28MJ/h
Gas Pressure 2.8kPA
Water Pressure Range 0.3MPa to 1.0MPa
Maximum Water Temperature 50°C
Gas Type LPG
Flow Rate 8LPM (480L/H)
Battery 2 x D Cell (not included)
Water Pump Voltage 12V
Water Pump Flow Rate 4.3LPM (258L/H)
Water Pump Pressure 35PSI

Innovative Design and Functionality

The Devanti Gas Water Heater can heat up to 480L of water per hour, with the water temperature easily adjustable and displayed on the bright LED screen. The in-built processor prevents the water temperature from exceeding 50°C, preventing accidental scalding. The variable flow shower head has an automatic on/off trigger that ignites and switches off the burner. Your purchase also includes a 12V pressure pump for collecting or removing water in remote locations.

Safe, Portable, and Easy to Install

The lightweight Gas Heater features many safety features, a convenient carry handle, and mounting brackets for a hassle-free set-up anywhere. Note that it is only for outdoor use and requires an LPG portable gas bottle.

Package Content

1 x Devanti Gas Water Heater
1 x White Plastic Shower Head
1 x Chrome Shower Hose
1 x Gas Hose
1 x Gas Regulator
1 x Water Connector
1 Set x Mounting Accessories
1 x 12V Pressure Pump
1 x User Manual

Order your Devanti Gas Water Heater today and enjoy warm, refreshing showers in the great outdoors!

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