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Rhino Rescue® Tactical Combat Tourniquet - Metal Rod

Rhino Rescue® Tactical Combat Tourniquet - Metal Rod

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Your Ultimate Lifeline: The RHINO RESCUE Tactical Tourniquet

Uncompromising Safety in Critical Situations

The CE Approved RHINO RESCUE Tactical Tourniquet with Metal Rod is an indispensable tool for the most challenging combat medical emergencies. Designed for robust performance, this military-grade tourniquet is your ultimate lifeline in situations where every second counts.

Practical PEN Feature

Including a convenient pen for time recording, this feature helps prevent tissue necrosis due to long hemostasis time.

Revolutionary WINDLASS STRAP

Our tourniquet features an innovative windlass strap. It's designed to keep a record of the time, which is crucial in preventing prolonged hemostasis.


The V-shaped clip ensures you can lock the windlass faster and easier. It's manufactured from new material to prevent scuffing, ensuring maximum usability.


The metal aluminum rod is incredibly hard and resistant to breakage, offering reliable performance when you need it the most.


Built to withstand significant traction and torsion, the high-strength internal band improves reliability and safety during tourniquet use. It maintains its toughness even after multiple uses (only for training).


Equipped with a solid plastic buckle for fast application, the RHINO RESCUE Tactical Tourniquet ensures prompt response to emergencies.

Delivery Notice: Please be aware that due to the meticulous assembly and stringent quality assurance of our RHINO RESCUE Tactical Tourniquet, delivery may take up to 15 days. But we're confident you'll find this premium medical device to be well worth the short wait. Invest now in top-grade safety that you can trust when it matters most.

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