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Augie Sundays Floral Summer Fitted Mattress Cover

Augie Sundays Floral Summer Fitted Mattress Cover

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Augie Sundays Floral Summer Fitted Mattress Covers

Transform your van or bedroom into a vibrant space of comfort and style with our Floral Summer fitted mattress covers. Imagine lying on a field of soft, sun-kissed flowers while your heart beats to the rhythm of your favourite adventure. Augie Sundays brings that fantasy to life—right in your own personal space.

Add a Splash of Summer to Your Space

Our fitted covers are not just about the feel; they're about the vibes. Crafted from 100% luxurious 400-thread-count cotton sateen weave, these covers add a touch of elegance and a burst of fun to your surroundings. Each cover is a beautiful blend of comfort, quality, and design that echoes the spirit of an Aussie summer.

A Perfect Fit for Your Adventures

Available in three sizes, these fitted sheets are the perfect addition to your adventurous setup or a stylish way to add colour to your bedroom. They're designed to be versatile, fitting your needs whether you're on a nomadic adventure or simply indulging in the comfort of your own home.


Feature Description
Material 100% Cotton in a Luxurious 400 Thread Count Sateen Weave
Sizes Available Single, Double, Queen
Print Floral Summer


Size Dimensions
Single 190cm x 91cm x 40cm
Double 197cm x 137cm x 40cm (Perfect for vans)
Queen 152cm x 203cm x 40cm

Colourful, Comfortable, Adventurous

Whether you're sprucing up your van for a road trip or looking to add a splash of summer to your bedroom, our Floral Summer fitted mattress covers are the perfect choice. Let every sunrise greet you with the warmth of an Aussie summer, and every sunset comfort you with the softness of high-quality cotton.

Don't wait for the adventure to knock on your door. Step up, seize the day, and live your adventure with Augie Sundays. Breathe in the comfort, breathe out the fun. The world is your canvas—let's paint it colourful together! 🔥

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