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Alfresco 4 Person Picnic Basket Wicker Picnic Set Outdoor Insulated Blanket

Alfresco 4 Person Picnic Basket Wicker Picnic Set Outdoor Insulated Blanket

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4 Person Picnic Basket with Cooler: Enjoy Outdoor Gatherings in Style

Introducing the 4 Person Picnic Basket with Cooler

Made from quality willow with PU leather straps and cotton linen lining, this sensational 4 person picnic basket is designed for delightful outdoor gatherings with family and friends. Put away your devices, pack some delicious picnic food, and physically reconnect. Featuring a built-in thermally-insulated cooler bag, the basket keeps food and drinks chilled for a longer time. With 4 sets of cutlery included, everyone can enjoy an afternoon of outdoor fun. The package also comes with a large, color-matching blanket to complete your experience. Perfect for the races, harvest picnics, grape grazing events, Christmas, and summer gatherings, you'll be surprised how often this basket becomes your go-to accessory.

Top Features:

  • Crafted from quality willow with faux leather accents
  • Built-in thermally-insulated cooler bag to keep contents chilled
  • Color-matching ground blanket for added comfort
  • Side handle for easy transportation
  • Stainless steel cutlery with plastic handles
  • Fastenings to keep utensils, cups, plates, and corkscrew secure
  • Comes with a set of stainless steel salt and pepper shakers
  • Ideal for outdoor gatherings with family and friends


Attribute Details
Basket Material Willow, faux leather & cotton linen
Basket Size 54 x 34 x 20cm
Blanket Size 130 x 150cm
Plate Size 17cm
Accessories 4 sets x stainless steel flatware, 4 x wine glass, 4 x napkin, 4 x ceramic plate, 2 x stainless steel shaker
Weight Capacity 10kg
Color Brown

Package Contents

  1. 4 Person Picnic Basket with Cooler
  2. 4 Sets x Stainless Steel Cutlery
  3. 4 x Ceramic Plate
  4. 4 x Wine Glass
  5. 4 x Napkin
  6. 1 x Corkscrew
  7. 1 set x Salt & Pepper Shaker
  8. 1 x Blanket

Make the most of your outdoor gatherings with our 4 Person Picnic Basket with Cooler. Featuring quality construction, a built-in cooler bag, and all the essentials for a perfect picnic, you'll create lasting memories with family and friends. Order your picnic basket today and start enjoying life's simple pleasures.

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