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Rhino Rescue® Military Medic Patch

Rhino Rescue® Military Medic Patch

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Rhino Rescue Military Patch - Morale Chapter Medic

Showcase Your Role with Distinctive and Durable Design

The Rhino Rescue Military Patch is more than just an emblem. It's a symbol of your role, courage, and dedication as a medical paramedic in challenging environments. It's designed for easy attachment and removal, making it perfect for a variety of tactical gear.

Key Features

High-Quality Material Made from durable, long-lasting rubber for optimum longevity
Hook Fasteners Backing Ensures secure attachment and easy removal
Tactical Morale Badge Design Serves as a sign of your vital role in the military unit

Design & Functionality

Distinctive Appearance Showcases your role as a medic in the unit
Versatility Can be attached to a variety of tactical gear like backpacks, hats, and jackets

Package Content

  • 1 x Rhino Rescue Military Patch

With the Rhino Rescue Military Patch, not only do you show your affiliation, but you also wear a mark of honor, a sign of the critical role you play as a medic in the field.

Shipping Information

As we take great care in the manufacturing process of each Rhino Rescue Military Patch, we ask for your patience as the delivery time is approximately 15 days. We value your eagerness and assure you that the quality and authenticity of this patch are worth the wait. We are committed to your satisfaction and look forward to delivering this emblem of dedication and honor right to your doorstep.

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