Tokyo Disneyland Tips - Nomads Trove's Guide to the Magic

Tokyo Disneyland Tips - Nomads Trove's Guide to the Magic

Continuing our Japan series with one of our favourite places, Disneyland! If you’re from Australia like us, then you might not have ever been to a Disneyland park before. While it can be an incredibly fun day, it can also turn into a holiday nightmare! So, here are our Tokyo Disneyland travel tips to make the most out of your adventure!

Best Time to Visit Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland is a very busy park. Pre-COVID, there were over 17 million visitors per year, and with borders open once again, the numbers are going back up. Regardless of the time of year, we recommend avoiding Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays as they are typically the busiest days of the week. What time of year should you visit?

  • January + February: The quietest months to visit (aside from New Years), it is winter, and rides can be closed for maintenance during the off-season.
  • March + April + May: The busiest months to visit due to Cherry Blossom season.
  • June + July: The peak of summer should be avoided if possible. Japan is crazy hot, even by Australian standards.
  • August + September: Coming out of peak summer months, it is still extremely hot and very rainy as typhoon season kicks in.
  • October + November + December: These months can get busy at times but are very worth it for the seasonal experiences that are Halloween and Christmas at Disneyland.

When to Arrive at Tokyo Disneyland

The park's opening times differ depending on the time of year and sometimes the day. We suggest double-checking the Disneyland website for the opening times and arriving around 90 minutes before the park opens. We have arrived 2 hours before park opening and still not been at the front of the line (although we were close!). For this reason, you should absolutely consider staying as close to the park as your budget allows. There are Disneyland hotels right next to the parks; if you can stretch the budget, they are well worth it!

Disneyland App and Fast Passes


Of course, there is a Disneyland app! Creating a profile and adding your tickets are super simple, and you can even create a group if you are traveling with friends or family. The app allows you to book reservations at restaurants (although some of this will only be available in Japanese), see wait times for rides, and book fast passes!

Fast passes have changed at Tokyo Disneyland. Now, instead of lining up for physical tickets, you can just collect them on your app. Once the park is open, you will be able to start booking your first fast pass for the day; they do run out, so the earlier you can snag your first fast pass, the better chance you have of getting multiple for the day. The best strategy we have found is, once the park opens, go directly for one of the popular rides. The lines won’t be long yet, and while you are in line, get your first fast pass for the ride you want to go on next. You should be able to go straight from the first ride to the next if you get the timing right. You can only receive a new fast pass 2 hours after you’ve received your last one, so get on it as early as you can.

There are also paid fast passes for a few rides now, including the new Beauty and the Beast ride, which in our opinion is worth waiting for anyway (I may have cried actual tears at how beautiful it was!). But if you have the cash, it’s only ¥2000 (approx $20 AUD), and you can save yourself A LOT of time standing in lines. As with the rest of the bigger, more popular rides such as Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, and the Haunted House, you can get free fast passes or paid fast passes for some, both of which do sell out every day. So make sure you have a plan of which rides you really want to get on because if you only have 1 day at Disneyland, you probably won’t get on every single ride.


Seasonal Events at Tokyo Disneyland

During certain times of the year, Disneyland transforms into an even more magical place with the seasonal events.


  • New Year's at Disney: Runs from the 1st of January to mid-January. There is special themed food and drinks, New Year's parades, and merchandise from that year's zodiac sign. It is a very short event period, only lasting 2 weeks, and can be extremely busy as a lot of businesses in Japan close down over the holidays.
  • Halloween: Runs from mid-September to October 31st and is our favorite time to visit. The Halloween decorations and themed food make the Disneyland experience insane. I can’t even remember how many Halloween maple pumpkin churros I ate in 2 days, but it was soooo worth it! The merchandise available during Halloween is also not to be missed. We got a Disney Jack-O-Lantern popcorn bucket as a souvenir, SO cute! 10/10 will be going back to do Halloween at Disneyland again.
  • Christmas at Disney: Yes, Disneyland Christmas starts on the 7th of November until the 25th of December, and the park is open on Christmas Day! (It is VERY busy, especially for restaurant bookings). Although November and December can be quite busy months to explore Japan, if you’re here, you may as well take advantage of the spectacular event that is Christmas at Disney. The food, parades, merchandise, every little detail is well worth fighting the crowds for.

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Our Final Thoughts

We have visited both Disney parks in Tokyo and can highly recommend doing both parks if you have the time. But if we had to choose just one, it would be Disneyland; there is just nothing in Australia that even compares to the absolute insanity that is Tokyo Disneyland. We hope this little guide was helpful for planning your future trips.

Have fun and safe travels! Nomads Trove ✈️

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